Monday, January 31, 2005

fun - the non-bitsian kind

This would come as a rude shock to some of you guys there, but lets call spade a spade. Since the day i passed out of the iron gates of pilani i always had this feeling that i would never have so much fun in life again. Corporate world beckoned me and gave a chance to meet a lot of people who were essentially non-bitsians. The one good think about the company i joined is that i was the only bitsian among the 30 lot who joined along with me. I was off for a long time, grudging the fact that i had to spend my whole time with a bunch of losers. But then as days progressed i came to realise that i was actually enjoying the company of these losers.

It was during these days that i realised the kind of fun i am having is quite different from the kind of fun i had in bits and the kind of fun i thought i would never have in my life again. Most of the other guys and girls are form colleges in and around chennai and they know how to enjoy life.In bits there was always a certain amount of peer pressure associated with most things, even the most freakiest of us have kind of long term goal and expect us to do something meaningful in life. But i found these people very different in the sense that they live the moment, a concept lost among many of us. I am not arguing the fact that we dint have fun in bits, but i am just saying that if we think that this is the most fun possible(dont get the IITs into this - there concept of fun is close to view held my peking man) then i am sorry we dint!


Blogger chitra said...

i completely agree -
infact there are some fundamental reasons why BITSians cant have fun.. firstly, most of us have spent our two years of plus two ghotting away to glory, completely cut-off from whatever is "happening" in the world. secondly, there is nothing in pilani that can be described as a fun activity - unless its manufatcured by minds starved of imagination.

more importantly most BITSians are completely unaware of how things work in a city - case in point: recently a plan was made to go tot a disc at 4 pm in the vening!!! needless to say it flopped - i mena which disc opens at 4 in the evening???????

some other recent shockers : a ps mate of mine didnt know what chopseuy was, anothe hadnt seen baby corn...

as far as even simple fun is concerned, ppl from engg colleges in gen have a ltd set of topics to talk abt. they are also closed in terms of the kind of ppl they will associate with.

thast why like i mentioned b4 its imp that BITSians learn to make friends with all kinds of ppl - that will open them up to the rest of the world!

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