Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Basically the funda is

Characters change, attitudes change, the setting change, the context may change but the bitsianess in my lingo is not going to change for my entire life . More than we speaking it, its about how we change the people around us to say " guss podu" and " its kind a sac". I was astounded one day when my cousin used the word guss, only to hear that one of her team mates is a bitsian and only the sac out is happening in their team. Many a days have I found humor in the faces of people when they are introduced to words like "Ob" and "comp". The later actually drove the system admins in my company to go mad at one point of time. " Hey sys ad, my comp has conked of again", only to be met by a black staring face going red at the ears.

The most beautiful part is I don't even realise why people stare at me, for me trimming the word computer to comp seems quite a logical thing to do, its been encoded in my chromosomes. Though i should admit that the "bitsian lingo" has been the butt of many a jokes with my cousins and friends, but i ain't changing people. I have lost count of the number of times i have infuriated my mom by using "the lingo"

me( over the phone) : "Amma I am in the insti, will call you later"
mom : where?
me : In the insti ma, as in institute!
mom : how am i supposed to know insti is institute
me : its ob isint it
mom : grrrr !

Here is a funny conversation I had with my team mate

me: Hey i am going to Hyd( read hide) tomorrow
team mate : where under the desk?

( hardest i have laughed in a long time )

It sure has landed me in trouble a couple of times, one wouldn't expect people to use words like "freak" and "fundas" and "gussing classes" in campus interviews. But try telling it to me. Just the other day I heard my friend telling some one his phone number - " nine double eight four three zuk six zuk six one". Well how absurd would that have sounded to people who are used to the concept of calling one of these " 000 " - zeros. All it needs is one month of stay in bits to pick up the nuances of the language, by the time you are at your home for oasis your average word length goes down by more than fifty percent. Before you know your neighbours become sidees and chatting with flat friends in the terrace become latcha sessions.

I heard the honorable mates of Meera Bhavan had some hilarious short-forms -Emily was Emergency
light, BTB was back to bhavan and lots more. Please girls, do fill us up on the remaining gems. So until then - the ever gussed, the ever sac out, basically



Blogger Omni said...

You guys have some fascinating stuff on this blog!! :-)

8:56 PM  
Blogger chitra said...

some of the lingo is natural - some is forced...

Ft : french toast (at NC)
BC: Black coffee
AnnP: Annapoorna restaurant in Cnot
Cnot(as in "See" not) - for Cnot
CD: well this ones really "seedy"
BMAT: Pappu's bread masala Aloo tikki

shit! all ive written is related to food!!! must be bloody hungry...

8:39 PM  
Blogger vivitsa said...

Hey.. to add one more.. "Dry-C" for dry cleaning..

and some more not-so-popular ones :

Fry-MA for fried maggi

Chill-pa for chilli paneer !!!!


9:36 PM  
Blogger Priya said...

i still havent found a replacement (rather a synonym) for the word "guss". it seems so ob fitting in most places.

11:27 PM  
Blogger autocounsel said...

That is a good point. I found another 2000 dodge neon site that goes into even more 2000 dodge neondetail.

12:23 AM  

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