Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What is this?

Let me introduce myself first - I am Rathish. 1998C6PS289 (feels so good saying it after so long!). Last seen in 119 RP and currently am reporting from A1.107 cubicle in SAP Labs India, Bangalore.
This blog is a wonderful idea - For the last few months, I have been collecting blogs written and maintained by bitsians and have to come to realize that there's a sizeable population of BITSians blogging their way to glory. For all of them to share thoughts, experiences (as brilliantly shown in the previous blog) in a common place is a really nice thing. But it's very important how we place this blog - this blog can be anything from an assorted collection of articles, a newsletter, a bulletin board to a BITS specific forum where ideas and developments (the new admissions for example) are discussed.
Most of you here have an amazing style and I am sure if each of us start contributing blogs, this will soon turn out to be a fantastic read. But there's just one issue - I personally hate to cross-post, as in, publish the same thing that I am publishing in my blogspot over here too. I believe, if someone wants to read it they as well read it from my blog. Also if I have anything to express, I write it in my blog first. So, I am not sure how far this blogspot can work as an assorted collection.
What it can be, however, is "BITS specific forum where ideas and developments are analyzed". I am not sure how many of those listed in the right site of this blog spot are currently on campus. They probably can keep us posted on what's happening and what's changed. So many of us who have passed out but had wanted to do something but couldn't can pool in ideas as to how few things can be changed/introduced. People on campus can then pick cues, argue, slit it open, analyze it and if good enough, can implement it. Of course, there are umpteen bitsaa chapters and the sandpaper etc. But this blog spot can be an unofficial, no-holds brain storming ground that transcends batches, locations or vocations.
Of course it can be much more - but what's important is, it has to be something and, preferably, something that binds us a group than just an arbid list of netizens.
Let me know what you think.


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