Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The goan wave

Well it has been a long time since somebody blogged here . So i thought why not refresh the blog with some fresh new ideas and what could have been better than a post about the new campus of bits at goa .

started in 2004 this was the second campus of the prestigious BITS-Pilani university Rajasthan . A bustling batch of 600 had joined Bits in the sand of another kind . Soon Oasis became Waves and Apogee became the campus has 1800 students and its first batch going for placements soon this year.

A normal bitsian from goa has to adapt to one thing . Those curious glances from family friends and relatives . A normal conversation between a Bitsian from goa and Distant relative (DR) goes on like this

Distant Relative : So where do you study ?
Bitsian ( proudly ) : Bits
DR : huh what you doing in goa , there is a Bits in goa , how strange ... blah blah blah

and soon you join his list not so worthy youngsters . But Probably every person here had made the choice of this life . All the people here left some NIT or an IIT or some foriegn university . All of them came here just on the name of BITS and all of them wanted to be a part of evolution of this body of BITS ...... BITS- pilani, goa.

well once the first hurdle is crossed , campus is actually very good . All the classrooms are a/c and students have single seated rooms right from first year . In place of c'not there is nescafe and monginis here and ofcourse our very own insti and sc cafe .

there is no ANC because actually you have to be back in your hostels by 11 PM . so all the hopes of that goan night life are thrashed . the students have there own student council , the annual cultural fest Waves in which pilani came this year . The annual technical festival Quark , the annual sports festival spree and finally the annual inter hostel cultural competition zephyr .

All the cultural clubs are working in the campus apart from the campus has its own Centre for software development (CSD) and CEl .

the academic system is same as pilani with all its flexibilities .Bits - pilani , goa is probably the only place in india apart from pilani itself where you will hear so much usage of the word pilani . About the campus lingo it is developing slowly because of main chat on the direct connect client where you will find the whole campus discussing on some topic . right now its OB that half of the people in my batch would be thinking about the experience at ps1 which might range from bestest to thuest .

The campus has its own share of technical achievements . whether coming 5 in techfest at IIT Bombay or winning 2nd prize at Microsoft Imagine Cup . it has kept the flag of BITS flying high.

btw if you wanna tour our campus do visit
signing off now
more about the campus later