Monday, October 13, 2008


We might not have come such a long way after all. From the Stone Age to the nano age, from spears to nuclear warheads, from jagged paintings on brown cave walls to catalogued digital imaging, from tracking partly eroded footprints to inventing global position systems, from the barter system to globalization.

Eventually, we would meet a multitude of creatures from other solar systems and galaxies, living in different planets. It has significant probability to happen given the relentless levels of options and possibilities - folks of our planet endure during life. The levels of technology themselves, while changing and giving a direction to the quality of life, shall let us come in virtual contact with other, for lack of a better word, aliens. The aliens would meet, sizing each other up, like an endless ritual of wolves. Soon, deals would be made, boundaries drawn, constitutions written, alliances pledged and invasions waged. The world would no longer be our only world. Hypocrites might, however, continue to exist, the battle of individualists and collectivists could continue.

Trans-galactic corporations might come into existence. Or at least we would come to know that a lot of trans-galactic corporations already exist. Every sphere of knowledge, ranging from science to art, philosophy to literature, mathematics to astral physics would undergo a gargantuan change - monolithic in its existence that entire civilizations of species across the universe would get wiped out, eerily extinct making other species flourish, thereby creating a new circle of survival. Some details would be chronicled in the golden annuls of history. Most of them would be forgotten. 38 new species of monster-like-fish have been discovered in Greenland in 2010.

The definition and scope of tourism would change radically. A variety of things, places and people would be discovered, invented and pulverised with ample freedom and gore. Multi-galactic cultures would then lead to various new species, which, in turn would coalesce, inadvertently into mere races. Corporations and firms would span galaxies. Rules would be relaxed, constitutions re-written, laws modified. A zillion genres of music would emerge into colors we haven’t seen till date. Terabytes would be a trifle.

Dreams would be different.

Computers and robots would be capable of interpreting and processing yottabytes of data. Students from Cygnus would be drinking Absinthe with students from Milky Way. A guy from Andromeda hitting on an Indian girl living in the Black Eye galaxy, Sculptors from Reinmuth travelling to Perseus to carve a gold stone into a creature with brown eyes. A drug peddler in Maffei galaxy smoking up a jaded bong might get caught by the unruly cops from Keenan’s.
As a matter of a jagged edge of unruly fact, with the laws of evolution in place (with all its negatives), the clumsy end of a confused world is not nearly seen. However, a 1.2 kilogram cerebrum inside a head sees more. Things we haven’t thought of till date, things we did not know existed.

I do not know what I would be doing. I wouldn't mind owning a private galaxy, moving around on a Billion CC motorcycle in space, living in a well-ventilated, strategically located solar system. Living in a stone house overlooking a purple waterfall in a strange, wild country of a colourful planet, modelling warp speed models and listening to thoguza music with under green skies, blue earth, purple water and soft soil.

It is a world of possibilities.

It is left to us what we decide for ourselves. If you wake up at a different place as a different person, would you still be the same person?

I welcome galaxalization. Any aliens out there deciphering this post... let us not have any unpleasant surprises.


Blogger always said...

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3:47 AM  
Blogger nikhil said...

with the sort of language you normally use in your posts. I stand nowhere...!!!!

8:44 AM  
Blogger aki said...

I want to ride that inter galaxy highway on my Billion CC bike..oh yes I do!

3:30 AM  
Blogger Vikranth said...

Dream on, you post-modern hippie Parasite....

10:41 AM  

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