Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Being a BITSian in Bangalore

I went to an office party that a friend invited me to. And looked around. There were a whole host of familiar faces. The place was teeming with Bitsians. The ones who work for the company and a zillion others who had been invited. It was so full of our kind that if anyone were to pick up a stone and throw it at random it would most likely fall on a BITSian.

At work, there are three BITSians in my team. I never had adjustment problems, there were always three people willing to take care of me without even the managers request.Subsequently the VP heading our team also turned out to be a BITSian.

There are also a lot of BITS people working in other teams. At one random foosball game that we were playing in office, there were about 8 people standing around. And one of my bitsian friends seemed to know them all. She introduced me to them "Bitsian 2k, 2k1, etc etc etc...."

My roomie is a BITSian and so are a whole bunch of her colleagues. The folks I hang out with on weekends are BITSians from several batches.

Once my roomie and I (we werent roomies then) decided to sit at a window sill at Brigade Road and talk. We never got to do much talking to each otehr. Every five minutes (Im not exaggerating) a BITSian or a group of BITSians stopped by to talk to us.

Walk into any mall. Take a stroll down MG Road or Brigade Road, its the same story. BITSians are everywhere in Bangalore.

People ask me why I like Bangalore and why I feel at home.

Need I answer that question?



Blogger Arun Kumar Madas said...

Truly, there are truly many out there... One simple activity - bitsaa-bangalore, bitsaa-hyderabad, bitsaa-delhi, bitsaa-pune... Activity happens more on bangalore, so the junta is more in bang..

Now a days its like either settle down in india.. either your native or bang or go abroad.. therez very less choice for most bitsians.. i believe...

10:22 AM  
Blogger opamp said...

"i feel sad for you" thats all i can say --- cos u swim in the same stagnant waters uve been used to for those 4 years at pilani.

12:59 PM  
Blogger xenon said...

Hey..Ok bangalore seems like a place where you would find people of our kind. But the other day I was in Lucknow and I found three BITSians walking down the road.

The World is not enough for us! :P

11:51 PM  

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