Wednesday, July 27, 2005

T shirt

I have been working with a local NGO called CRDS (Chengalpattu Rural Development Society) as a UN volunteer for rehab work. As part of the tsunami rehab and reconstruction program, we had organised a street-play in one of the villages called Meiyur kuppam near the Kalpakkam reactor. While gathering the crowd to come for the play, I noticed this guy's T shirt from a distance. So, I went closer and asked him how he got it "therlai Sir, tsunami vanda bodu yaaro koduthutu ponaanga" (I don't know, Sir. When the tsunami stuck, someone had given it to us).

On another note, Dilip D'Souza had written to me about the good work done by BITSians in the rehab work - "You should go to see how the BITSunami effort is carrying on, south of Nagapattinam, excellent work, some PS students there. They are having a review meeting on Sat in Dharmapuri."


Blogger Sanketh said...

Awesome!! Cheers to all the heart that went into the project. Great going guys keep the up the spirit.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Grafxgurl said...

Nice to see people caring in action! :D hi first time here . nice place! will come back again for more!

6:35 AM  

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