Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Book keeping :)

Another very non-thought provoking, uninteresting yet inevitable blog - time to do some book keeping. Ladies and gentlemen, below are the e-mail addresses to which invitations to join the BITSian blog had been sent but are still pending.
  • technodyne at eth dot net
  • t dot geetha at gmail dot com
  • sachin_biz at yahoo dot com
  • fd97091 at yahoo dot com
  • chocodusk at yahoo dot com
  • sanketh248 at yahoo dot com
  • subramanian at gmail dot com
  • poonam dot agarwal at honeywell dot com
  • Chandu241 at hotmail dot com
  • kalyanvk at gmail dot com
  • milon2000 at hotmail dot com
  • harismenon at excite dot com
  • swarna dot subash at gmail dot com
  • saravanaraj at gmail dot com
  • f2000356 at yahoo dot com
  • tp_bits at yahoo dot co dot in
  • Ravi_Komatireddy at infosys dot com
  • leelanath at yahoo dot com
  • f_nazim at yahoo dot com
So, if your email address is in the list and you
  1. received an invite and are a member of the blog (or)
  2. not received the invite at all.
Let me know and I shall do the needful. Also, if any of you want to be a member of this blog, send an e-mail to rathish_balakrishnan at yahoo dot com (with your ID nos. and other details you think are relevant) and me shall take care.

Thank you :)


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