Thursday, January 06, 2005

Killing me softly....

Now that Rathish has set the pace...Giving an intro in the signature bitsian style these days does fill me with a sense of pride...hardly the feeling I had when this disciplinary routine was drilled down my throat some 4 and a half years back ( Boy! has it been that long!)....In any case, My name is Krithika Kalyan, id no 2000C5PS446...BITSian name - thadi or KK..... ex-inhabitant of room no 211- MAL and a flock of rooms at MB...graduated last May....And hell, it's been all downhill from them on....Life after BITS seem to have triggered off some sort of a rampant voyage replete with roadblocks and bumpers and burly bosses and what not...In short, the "crests" of my life seem to have to a definitive halt...Decided to have a drastic change in habitat - from the barren desert lands of Rajasthan to a place where a fresh breath of oxygen is the rarest commodity - BOMBAY....they say it's "the commerical and fashion capital of India"...the city of vada pavs , bustling traffic , overcrowded trains...heavy duty night life et cetera et cetera....I say - BLEH!

Let me get this straight....what is a city if there aren't bitsian roomies to come back home to? Forget that if that's too much to ask for - I don't even see any trace of bitsian blood anywhere in hindsight....Sure,.,,seven months in your job is time enough to get hold of pals at work and all that jazz....But then again, what good is it if you have to explain and elaborate everytime you nonchalantly churn out a "guss that dude". and "sac out maaan" ?! What good is it if you have people raising their brows when you ask them whether you can pile on them for an extra coupla bucks cuz you have an empty wallet.?! What good is it if people sush you when you whisper out some nasty comments while you are watching a movie?! And what good is it if the one or two bitsians that you know stay at a distance which is almost half of the distance to the whole world and back?!

OKay so...I guess this is more of ranting than raving...but seriously... heaving a big sigh thinking of the glory days at BITS will not probably yield anything productive - but the least I can get is spend the after(BITS) - years amongst our kin...I know I might have to take most of the blame of this state of affairs of mine on myself because these days the thin line between my professional and personal line is not exactly a line, but more like a miniscule dot....But the point I am trying to make is - if you know someone is a bitsian, there seems to be natural bond that crops up making you feel at ease....that sort of feeling is hard to get even after deliberately trying to bond with the outsiders (!!) for n+1 months.....I imagine all you folks who have crossed the seas and ventured out into distant lands would have a even worse story to share than me....But hey! at least we have the blog now :) Yaaay!


Blogger Dilip D'Souza said...

Can I get you to take a look at my blog? Death Ends Fun.

I've been reporting from the tsunami area in TN of late.

dilip d'souza.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Rosh said...

He Thadi

You have a BAD case of BITS-sickness, usually afflicting those just out of campus ... Wish I could say that you'll get used to it and feel better in a few months time ... But I can't! ...

6:09 AM  

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