Saturday, January 08, 2005

A "Profession(al)s" Oriented Gathering ?!

As much as I can identify and relate to Sang's quagmire...I would rather not get started on a whole new train of melancholic thoughts attached to the bygone times at BITS....On a more grassroot level, that's probably the thing that binds us passouts to long for a common forum where we can shoot out ideas and share experiences...Funnily, this is definitely not the first attempt to get bitsians together to build such discussion groups...considering the fact that orkut and the umpteen networking sites, egroups and regional alumni bases had such a thought process as well... I do hope that this new effort does not fade into oblivion like most of the others did or brew into a pad where people stock up apartment and job ads!

So... how do we start?! I guess most of us oldies are wondering about how the new admission process works or who the new chief warden is (Incidentally, from what I heard last, it was Mahesh alias Pottu!!) or how many outstis landed up at Oasis this time around...But that would probably be more "one-way information flow" than a real discussion of sorts...But since Apogee is on the cards on campus this semester, why don't we explore the possibilities of some "industry-institute" linkages ( Nopes, not the PS kinds..) that can be cemented thanks to Apogee? I have no clue how many of you know of the metamorphosized apogee..For starters, the high points are NOT the movies that they screen at the end of the fest or the five days that you get to take trips to Jaisalmer, Nainital or even worse...home!!

These days, Apogee has been transformed into an "event-based" fest rather than being exhibitions-oriented...Last couple of years have seen inventive and interesting competitions like "Whodunit" (An event where you get to the bottom of crime, based on Forensic Science), "KrazyBridge" (For designing a lightest bridge that can withstand heavy loads), "Chaos " (Coding a simple program in the most complicated ways...sort of a coded contraption) etc etc..There are of course the usual flurry of quizzes, the flock of discipline-wise exhibitions, the not-boring-anymore invited lectures etc....

Now that the foundation is carved, why not take it a level further? Bring in industry linkages where such competitions can be pushed to the next level in terms of challenges, participation and prizes....I have been to competitions of these kinds at the IITs...It can work wonders not only in terms of heftier prize money, but also to the ideas that a company can promote, as a result of such events..Personally, I would also like some sort of a NGO backing some event to generate ideas, devices and concepts that have a rural backbone to it...Again, coming back to harsh reality...sponsorship can be tricky when you are at a remote place like Pilani where the only selling point is the grey matter of the BITSians...But hey, isn't that where the focus ought to have been in the first place?

I figure it's easier said than done (especially when you are resting your ass on a comfy chair!!)...but at least it's a start..Not only to a more exciting Apogee..but also to an eventful blog ;)


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If the mails I see in bitsaa bang are true, I guess an attempt is being made this year to get the industry to out source small projects to be done for APOGEE. The pessimist that I am, I wonder how feasible this will be. The main hurdle being, does BITS have the infrastructure to carry out projects of any magnitude that will be of use to the industry ?

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