Thursday, April 28, 2005

Farewell time again?

Graduating in another few days, from TAMU. But nothing beats my farewell on campus. This experience has not affected me as much, wouldn't leave tears like my last one, would leave me yearning for those days to come back..Experiences like these ones just don't repeat

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Farewell Time..

hello people,

I wonder how each one of you would have felt when farewells are around. Right now its farewell time at BITS. I am trying hard not to get emotional. But doesnt seem to help. the days are over....write ups...cnot treats...wing lachcha...gussed u dont even remember u did...loads of juniors who make u feel ur old ...and the feeling of leaving this place that has given every BITSian memories to cherish for a lifetime. I am jus gonna enter that phase and it already feels different...words probably cant express it..

feels like i never wanna leave..

1.00 a.m...time for anc..bye

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Photos from BITS - April 2005


Srini here (97A3PS091)

Thanks Rathish for the post and the invite :)

Here is a link with more photos from my recent trip to BITS. Flickr has upload limits. So, I have uploaded most of the photos to


Book keeping :)

Another very non-thought provoking, uninteresting yet inevitable blog - time to do some book keeping. Ladies and gentlemen, below are the e-mail addresses to which invitations to join the BITSian blog had been sent but are still pending.
  • technodyne at eth dot net
  • t dot geetha at gmail dot com
  • sachin_biz at yahoo dot com
  • fd97091 at yahoo dot com
  • chocodusk at yahoo dot com
  • sanketh248 at yahoo dot com
  • subramanian at gmail dot com
  • poonam dot agarwal at honeywell dot com
  • Chandu241 at hotmail dot com
  • kalyanvk at gmail dot com
  • milon2000 at hotmail dot com
  • harismenon at excite dot com
  • swarna dot subash at gmail dot com
  • saravanaraj at gmail dot com
  • f2000356 at yahoo dot com
  • tp_bits at yahoo dot co dot in
  • Ravi_Komatireddy at infosys dot com
  • leelanath at yahoo dot com
  • f_nazim at yahoo dot com
So, if your email address is in the list and you
  1. received an invite and are a member of the blog (or)
  2. not received the invite at all.
Let me know and I shall do the needful. Also, if any of you want to be a member of this blog, send an e-mail to rathish_balakrishnan at yahoo dot com (with your ID nos. and other details you think are relevant) and me shall take care.

Thank you :)

Images from the past

I am actually doing a proxy here - Srini (fd97091) recently made a trip to BITS and has clicked to his heart's content - wonderful snaps that he wants to share with all of us. Unfortunately, he's not a member of this blog yet. So, I, on behalf of Srini, request you all to visit

For the curious kind, his blog address is -

Rathish for Srini.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Earthquake

(The earthquake in Indonesia, a few days ago, made me shudder. Another earthquake, another place, had made me shudder…)

My wingies later informed me that the tremors had lasted for precisely eleven seconds…

… The IPC was bustling with activity. Fidgety boys harried their fat books and thick reams of tute papers. Intent girls wore a lugubrious look. Two or, in some cases, three people sat in front of a computer. Some were furiously typing away, while some others were discussing animatedly, pointing viciously at their computer screens. Intent girls look mournful, I said to myself; people do not like computer screens. People do not like CP-I onlines.

Suddenly, I could not help observing a greater hustle than there had been before. And then I saw my monitor trembling. A piece of poor-humoured narcissism led me to speculate if my code was really that powerful. The computer had already crashed twice before, unable to execute my messy code. I laughed within myself and looked up. Unmistakably, people were running out in a panic that was greater than any a CP-I online could induce. Before I could bring myself to terms with the impending catastrophe, five seconds of tremor must have passed. When I finally gathered my composure, I made a dash for the door in an attempt to squirm out before I found chunks of the ceiling on my head. But I stopped midway: I had forgotten to save my C code! Between risking a life and risking a file, I decided, the latter was a proposition with graver consequences. I scrambled back to the VI editor in my computer. Getting the escape sequence of ‘:wq’ correct on the quintessential IPC 486 comp, on which people seldom risked pressing characters other than ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘n’ and ‘e’, took me around ten more seconds. When I finally rushed out (with a freer mind), I saw people trickling back in. The tremors had ceased to shake my monitor, well before I could manage to squeeze out of the building. When the fellows trudged back in, the disappointment writ on their faces suggested that they had been deprived of some excitement in their lives. More importantly, the look of resignation suggested that they had not been deprived of their CP-I online exam tomorrow. People did not, indeed, like CP-I onlines.

I smirked when I sat down heavily in front of the computer, wiping out beads of perspiration from my brow. I found myself unable to discern if I had to thank the Gods for the fortuity, or my computer: the VI screen flashed the prophetic status message, “Dileepan.c saved.”

Nevertheless, I thanked the Gods.