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For starters, a big thank you for this excellent blog. It's great to see BITSians from all over the place (and with a range of diverse memories) blog in one common spot. Wonderful!

I have spent the last three years with engineering students from all over the place and all of them seem to think that BITS is a greater romantic haven when compared to other engineering schools in India. So this post is dedicated to all those lovely couples that made Pilani all the more special for me.

The thing I liked hazzar abt many BITSian couples was that they often followed a fixed routine. Given a time of the day and a location, you could safely guess which couple was likely to be found out there.

X never attended classes; but Y did. So at 12, just after Mod Phy got over, Y would give X a gate call. The two would walk down to C'Not. At 2 they would make the first of their two trips for the week to Gliding Club. At 5 they would get back to their bhavans. At 7.30, after dinner, X would borrow a wingie's cycle (a wingie who didn't tread the MB route) and come down to MB. Y would not come out even after two gate calls. All the girls entering MB at 7.45 would try and avoid X because they would run the risk of having to pass on the gate call in person. Finally, at 8, Y's sidie M and her knight in cotton shirt N will reach the gates of MB. M will pass on the gate call and Y will come out at 8.15 ... etc. etc. etc.

This is not abt X and Y. M and N also had their schedule. So did A & B, C & D and E & F (even though F claimed that she wasn’t going senti with E and were just friends). I loved this constancy. Often, I would not know who some couples were but would associate them with a particular place or time. I remember a certain couple (one year senior to me) who used to occupy the first tree on the little lane outside MB. I never got introduced to them but every time they were not there I would feel odd. The great thing was that nobody else ever occupied that spot for the three years that I saw them - implying that other people knew abt them too. I remember that I used to joke with a friend of mine that the spot will be auctioned off once the couple graduated. The shadow and proximity to MB (so one could sit there till 10.58) made it a highly desirable spot and we were sure that several couples eyed it. We were right. The sem after the couple graduated another couple (this time a batch junior to me) instantly "leased" that spot and I saw them there till I graduated. The C'Not Wall, the little sitting spot outside Audi, the first table in the old library, the space between the pillars of FD-2 ... I associate each one of them with a particular couple. A BITSian junior recently asked me what I miss most abt BITS and I said that it was "sitting and dangling my legs on the dustbin just outside MB". I dunno if that dustbin still exists but some of my fondest BITSian memories are associated with that spot, where you could find me seated regularly between 10.30 and 10.55. If I ever go back to BITS, I would love to go back to "my spot" and dangle my legs again. Yes, that’s Pilani for me.

A wingie of mine had brilliantly commented (albeit in an inebriated state) that "the big things are there every where; it's the small ones that make Pilani unique". How very true.


Blogger Vitalstatistix said...

If only I had possessed a 'Marauder's Map' to keep track of psenti couples !!:D

11:27 PM  
Blogger Kumari said...

Thank God you didn't! there wouldn't have been much spice to those wingie after-11 stories if you proved what i had heard was completely baseless :):)

9:24 PM  

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