Friday, January 14, 2005

Close Encounters of the GSu kind...

You know what? I completely forgot how i had planned to start this post. The moment i read everyone reminiscing about the desert, i too wanted to pen mine. But then as usual the klutz in me dilly-dallied so much that by the time this invitation dropped on my lap, i just completely forgot the flamboyant manner in which the curtains were to rise on this scene. Bah! now who needs them curtain raisers anyway?

Now GSu is no stranger to any guy nor to any gal who knows those guys. To me GSu meant stories that would make you laugh...His nonchalant manner in handling rule-breakers, his "knowledge" on swear words in every known language spoken in the desert, his appearance which belied the terror he created...that's about all i needed to know.

It was in my second year..when M occupied the corner room, facing the mess, in the first floor of Krishna Bhawan. It was around 7pm when i went to give him a Gatecall. I stood there for some 10 minutes but not a guy ventured out onto the corridors.I have always believed that guys in Pilani possessed some supernatural powers akin to the Dolphins that helped them disappear just moments before a girl walks up to their gates to call her guy, who inavriably will have a room that's far beyond reach. Anyways getting back to my story, i stood and i sat and i leaned on my cycle but none of this tribal moves brought the male species out...Then i looked at the road leading to the mess. Now i had been told that this is a common pathway which can be used by girls too. But i never wanted to venture into that territory especially when 'You-know-who' lived close by.

Desperation took the better of Intelligence and i started to walk towards the gate.
That was when i saw this boy walk out of the Bhawan. Atlast! He was dressed in some funny pair of jams with a dirty t-shirt. I called out "Can you please call Room no: ***". He just kept walking towards me without so much as a whisper towards that darn room. I lost my cool. I started towards that blessed path to ask that stupid chap why he wouldn't pass a simple gate call. I stopped short of saying 'Hey you!' and just looked at legs refused to move and i started to think of stories to tell my parents on why i was dismissed. You see this was no 'ordinary guy'

GSu walked upto me, gave me a once over while i meekly mumbled a 'Good evening" and quietly walked home. I did an about turn, walked back to the road and sat on the platform till one good soul ventured out and offered to call M.

I had another encounter with him but then the only thing i prefer to remember from that episode is the way he started 'our' conversation. "Young lady you should learn to control your temper and your words...." I won't say i have succeeded completely but i am making an honest effort :)

Till another day...


Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

Aha! My fav line from "the man" that I personally witnessed (though not hurled at me) went - "Keep this in mind. Every year you (pointing at him) grow older you get smarter; every year I grow older and I get a little more restless". GSu should blog - it'll surely be a roar.

2:22 AM  
Blogger srivats said...

This incident happened in my second year, when my wingies and me (some 10 of us) were walking down the newly christened Krishna Marg to catch a RAF movie. We were walking as a group encompassing the whole road when suddenly someone in a cycle rammed into me in a part which god only meant to be treated with care. There i was in obvious pain when Mr .Gsu (who was the cycle rider) caught hold of my collars and said “There is @#$$ing road out there, why don't you walk on that”. I had half a mind to say “ We are standing on one sir”, but common sense got the better of me and blocked my vocal cords. I have always read about this phrase “melted into the night” in a lot of books, i saw that phrase coming true when i turned to look at a deserted road on which just 2 minutes back some nine other guys were walking. I mumbled some apologies to him and walked the way alone to the audi to tell the story to my eager friends.

7:51 PM  
Blogger NoHairBrain said...

Aha!! This is a discovery :) I have tons of Gsu stories people :) For I am 88B2 ... Anyone here from 88B* ?

10:18 PM  
Blogger NoHairBrain said...

People! I saw photographs from BITS recently and I dont recognize any of that shit maaaan! My fav hostel (MB) is not even approachable from air .. Malviya .. and put back those popping eyes!

10:20 PM  

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