Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Visibility in one more dimension

I am Srini (better known as Namka - 97C6), but glad that my sobriquet is dying fast! My compliments to the folks who have initiated this blog idea and am very enthused about contributing to this blog.

"Camel in the desert"- what could be a better name than this? Most of us are carrying memoirs of our BITSian days in our brain humps and those running their term in BITS right now are filling up their humps with many interesting incidents. If each of one us were to right an auto-biography of our lives spent in BITS, we'll be at our best in jotting down (or should I say keying down our thoughts ?) ;). But that is a different story.

It has been three and half years since I am out of BITS, but my links with BITSians all over the world has never been stronger than what it is today. It was the BITSAA Alumni first and then the various BITSAA yahoo groups. Of course, you always have specific contact modes with your inner circle of friends. Sandpaper has turned out to be another medium of apprising the BITSian community about the Geeks and Gods, excelling themselves in various fields. Sometime last year (not sure though), there was this Google engineer Orkut Buyukkokten who developed the concept of orkut community (They decided to call it Orkut because Buyukkokten was hard to pronounce!). Suddenly, there were hundreds of BITSian communities created along with the uber BITS community as well. As of now it has somewhere around 1900 folks -that's amazing!. I guess the idea caught on with folks so much, that recently I came across a similar community called hi5 (I am sure BITSians are already swarming this community too!)

And today, our new dimension of staying in touch and communicating with each other is through blogging. Blogs have mushroomed so much that the word has been declared one of the words of the year 2004! Having said all this, once again, I am very excited to be right in the eye of the storm. Posting this in the blog site gives me nice feeling and I am sure lot of us would feel the same. Let us all keep the blog rolling and use it effectively.

A note to the on-campus folks:

What is the campus interview scenario this time around? An update on this would be nice to read.


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