Wednesday, January 26, 2005


i have been on the list of contributors to this blog for wat too much time now - yet i havent posted anything. everytime i see this blogs name on my dashboard, guilt pangs envelope me and i shamelessly ignore them. this morning, however, i decided to give up my lethargy and finally type out a few thoughts...

haven't been out of pilani for too long to feel nostalgic or think about what it is i learnt from BITS. i am one of those who wouldn't think twice about admitting that i am glad i don't have to go back to pilani again.. though this doesn't mean i won't .. in case i ever feel like i will surely drop in for a couple of days - but surely no more. i know this sis a sentiment that not too many of you share, but i have my reasons for it. lets just say that being cut off from civilizatin is not something i enjoy too much.

i hold nothing personally against the institute or the people there (its given me some of my best friends ever), but i do believe that in the 7 semesters that i was on campus my growth as an individual was stunted. i also believe that a lot of people who felt really at home in pilani, find it hard to adjust to the "real" world. i feel pilani is way too protective and cushions us against the biggest realities of human existence today - loneliness and and change.

in pilani u always find some one to talk to or hang out with, in the real world even ur closest friends don't always find the time for you - and vice versa.. you too may end up being busy when someone you care about really needs you. i don't know whether this is good or bad- but i know its normal... its the way the world works. i am given to believe that some people do manage to find time and energy for it, but surely they do so at the cost of either their careers or their personal space (a concept that is alien to a lot of BITSians that i know atleast). its isn't that bad to be alone, and personally i did make an effort to spend a lot of time in BITS with myself... because if you don't enjoy your own company, no one else will. its something that wasn't appreciated when i was on campus, but i am sure will help me in the rest of my life.

the second thing i mentioned was change.. BITSians love the fact that things in pilani hardly change. yes there are external modifications, but the core of their world is constant. lots of BITSians i know find it hard to make new friends and stick on to their BITSian circle for a long time after they pass out. old is gold , i admit, but unless people expand their horizons and interact with people who come from divergent background and have different lives than your own (hanging out with colleagues is just as bad) you restrict your life experience.

what i would really love to see is for BITSians to develop a more inclusive nature, to be more tolerant to people who are different and unique and not find the need to conform, or make others do the same.

these are my thoughts and highly personal. i know a lot of you will disagree or have furher comments to make. but thats the whole point of the blog isn't it??


Blogger Kumari said...

I agree with you. BITS does molly-cuddle you so much, you expect open arms everytime you feel down and feel even worse when u don't find any!
But then again,we did shift from one protective environment(home) to wilderness and that did teach us to be inclusive to an extent...after a point i guess we enwrapped ourselves in that wilderness n tried to feel secure.
aah...well it was too long a stay to remember the details :)

3:41 AM  

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